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5 Hog-tastic Heroes: Pork Sandwich Recipes to Rock Your World

pork sandwich recipes

Forget bacon, move over bratwurst, the pork sandwich is taking center stage! From smoky pulled pork piled high to crispy belly bursting with flavor, these handheld wonders are a symphony for your taste buds. So grab your napkins (things are about to get juicy) and prepare to embark on a culinary adventure with these 5 porktastic sandwich recipes:

Move over, burgers and fried chicken, because there’s a new reigning king of handheld deliciousness in town: the mighty pork sandwich. From smoky pulled pork piled high to crispy pork belly bursting with flavor, these culinary creations are not just a meal, they’re an adventure for your palate. So buckle up, grab a napkin (things are gonna get juicy), and prepare to embark on a journey through the 6 best pork sandwiches the world has to offer:

Here’s the rundown on the Pork Sandwich Recipes

1. Carolina Pulled Pork BBQ, by cookingchanneltv.com: The undisputed champ, this North Carolina classic features slow-cooked pork shoulder slathered in tangy vinegar sauce and nestled between soft buns. Every bite is a symphony of smoky, sweet, and tangy goodness.

pork sandwich recipes

2. Cuban Sandwich, by seriouseats.com: A Miami masterpiece, this pressed behemoth layers juicy roast pork, smoked ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and dijonnaise between toasted Cuban bread. Each bite is a delightful explosion of textures and flavors.

3. Banh Mi, by recipetineats.com: Imagine a symphony of textures and flavors bursting forth from a crusty bread roll. The pate is a smooth and savory counterpoint to the crisp pickled carrots and cucumbers. The Vietnamese cold cuts, like the Thi Nguoi (“pink ham”) and Cha Lua (pork loaf), add a salty and meaty dimension, while the grilled/roast pork slices bring a smoky depth. The green onion and cilantro/coriander add a touch of freshness, while the chili provides a welcome kick. The Maggi Seasoning ties everything together with its umami richness.

4. Tonkatsu Katsu Sando, by thekitchn.com: Japanese ingenuity shines in this sandwich featuring a crispy, panko-crusted pork cutlet layered with tangy katsu sauce and shredded cabbage on fluffy white bread. It’s a satisfying blend of textures and tastes.

5. Muffuletta: by seriouseats.com This New Orleans behemoth is not for the faint of heart. Layers of salami, mortadella, capicola, ham, provolone cheese, and olive salad are piled high on a round sesame seed loaf and pressed until it begs for mercy. Prepare to share (or face a glorious food coma).

6. Haitian Griot Sandwich by Caribbeangreenliving.com These homemade sandwiches feature melt-in-your-mouth pork marinated in Haitian Epis and sour orange, boiled and deep fried, then piled onto spicy mayo seasoned with Noubess Hot and Spicy Sauce with optional ingredients such as onions, parsley or watercress, and fresh tomatoes. Be warned, you won’t stop at just one.

Pork Sandwich | Meat pocket
Pork Sandwich | Haitian Griot Sandwich

This is just the tip of the pork-tastic iceberg, my friends. With endless variations and regional specialties, the world of pork sandwiches is a delicious rabbit hole waiting to be explored. So grab your adventurous spirit, an empty stomach, and get ready to discover your new favorite oink-fest. Remember, the only limit is your imagination (and maybe your belt buckle).

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget the sides! Coleslaw, potato salad, mac and cheese, and crispy fries are all perfect companions for your porky pilgrimage.

Now, go forth and conquer the world of pork sandwiches! And leave a comment below with your personal porktastic favorites. Bon appetite!

I hope you enjoy these recipes!

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