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7 Vegetables you can grill on an Indoor Grill

Do you enjoy indoor grilling? Do you love grilled vegetables and wish you could enjoy them all year-round? Don’t worry; you can use an indoor electric grill all year-round and not only during the summer months. You also use a griddle as an alternative to an electric grill.

One thing that we can agree on is that healthy grilling options are here to stay. Electric grills have become increasingly popular over the years, with people looking for healthier options when cooking. People are also looking at griddle pans as a preferred option to grill food.

Why should we incorporate vegetables into our everyday meals?

Vegetables are no longer considered side dishes. They provide tons of vitamins and nutrients and make excellent main courses.

Vegetables are indeed vital for our health because of the numerous health benefits they contain. But sometimes, it cannot be easy to figure out how to cook them. Many vegetables, such as asparagus and corn, taste better when grilled. It is pretty easy to overcook asparagus in the oven if you don’t pay attention to the cooking time and the oven temperature.

Having an electric grill makes cooking a breeze. There’s no excuse not to incorporate vegetables as part of our daily meals. We already know that we can roast, boil, broil, and not grill them on an indoor electric grill. The best part is that you only need salt and pepper to season them before grilling. The same goes for a griddle.

If you’re worried about not eating the best foods Mother Nature has provided for us, here’s your chance to cook to be more adventurous with your cooking.

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Why grilling vegetables on an indoor grill is a good idea, plus useful tips.

What happens when you grill vegetables? Grilling vegetables on an indoor grill will not give you the same result as an outdoor grill. Outdoor grills will provide you with a more smoky flavor and caramelized taste.

Grilling vegetables is a good idea because you taste the vegetables a lot more than if they were boiled or roasted in an oven. Many of the vegetables also keep their natural taste.

When you grill vegetables on high heat, they tend to lose not only their taste but also some of the nutrients. It is an excellent idea to do the following:

  • Cut each vegetable into evenly sized pieces. (each vegetable does not cook at the same rate. Denser vegetables like carrots will take much longer than bell peppers.
  • Flip the vegetables halfway
  • Season before cooking with salt and black pepper.
  • For more flavor, finish with a vinaigrette, fresh herbs, dipping sauce, or cheese.

Here are the pros and cons of indoor electric grills


  • More affordable to buy than most outdoors
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Better heat distribution
  • More versatile: year-round use, even in inclement weather
  • There are more available indoor grills that produce less smoke.


  • Unable to reach a high temperature to create charred lines
  • smaller cooking surface
  • Grill flavor is less

Here are the pros and cons of griddles


  • More affordable to buy than several indoor or outdoor grill
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Easy to clean
  • Better heat distribution
  • Crispier layer on the outside
  • More versatile: year-round use, even in inclement weather


  • A good griddle can be quite expensive
  • The cooking surface can be small
  • Require oil or cooking spray before adding food.

7 Vegetables you can easily grill

There are several vegetables you can grill. Here are the vegetables you can quickly grill both on any indoor or outdoor grill.

  1. Bell Peppers
  2. Mushroom
  3. Asparagus
  4. Carrots
  5. Onions
  6. Yellow and Green Squash
  7. Eggplant

These vegetables are super delicious when grilled. All you need is good olive oil and salt and pepper. Feeling a little bit more adventurous, use a good seasoning blend like Noubess Garlic Seasoning and Herb.

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