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How to use cooking ham liquid for other dishes?

Cooking ham liquid

Cooking Ham liquid is full of flavor and perfect for cooking rice and even making soup. Next time you have a ham to bake or roast in the oven, do not discard the cooking liquid.

Baked Ham is an all-time Christmas favorite meal. It tastes delicious and goes well with roasted brussels sprouts and roasted potatoes. A delicious Roasted Herb Turkey is the prime dinner for special occasions, but Roasted Ham always wins.

Baked ham is usually served on special occasions, such as Christmas and Easter. Let’s not forget other special events such as weddings, birthdays, christening and communions.

It is easy to bake or roast a ham considering most packaged smoked or country ham comes with instructions. The instructions are usually simple to follow. You will need to decide whether to cook the ham in the oven or slow cooker. No matter what method you choose, the result will be the same – delicious, moist, and tender with a hint of sweetness.

Cooking ham liquid

How cook ham in the oven with water

A roasting pan is an essential tool and an invaluable investment. The best pans are usually the ones with a rack. The ham is placed on top of the rack of the pan. The rack makes it easy to lift or remove the ham. A roasting pan must be sturdy and strong. I prefer a heavy and versatile pan, one that can be used all year round.

Choosing the right size of roasting is very important. Hams usually are large, so make sure you pick a large pan for meats, turkey, and don’t forget that you need to have the ability to transfer from the oven to the stovetop for deglazing. That is why it must be strong, and the heat has to distribute evenly—no buckling over direct heat.

Baked Ham with Salted Caramel Sauce

The instructions from the manufacturers are usually easy to follow. Place the ham on the rack, add the recommended amount of water and cover with foil. The water helps the ham keep its moisture while the fat dripping seasoned the water. This liquid is valuable in cooking other types of dishes like soups and rice dishes.

How to cook a ham in a slow cooker or crockpot with water.

One of the best ways to cook ham is in a slow cooker or crockpot if you are not in a hurry. Making ham in the crockpot saves time and frees up the oven. The slow cooking process will lock the moisture inside, and the result is perfection, the perfect ham dish every time.

If you are using water or any other type of liquid, a rack is not needed. If you do not want the ham to stick or touch the bottom of the slow cooking pan, place a couple of carrots and celery stalks. This method will help, and you can use the vegetables later in your soup.

Using pineapple juice or apple juice, don’t worry? Use the cooking liquid in your glaze recipe for roasting the ham or another type of meat or poultry. Again, no wasting ingredients here! 🙂

cooking ham liquid
How to use cooking ham liquid for other dishes? 24

What type of ham should I buy?

It does not matter the type of ham you buy. Whole, spiral, bone-in or not, country ham, smoked ham, the choice is yours. What matters is the amount of sodium. Always read the nutrition label and select one that does not contain a considerable amount of salt.

What to do with your cooking ham water?

Here’s the best part! The cooking water from the ham is full of flavor. Why throw it away? I recycle if I can say that word when referring to ham. I use the cooking water in other recipes. The same way you use bacon fat for cooking vegetables or roasted potatoes, do the same.

The liquid is gold! The only worry you have is to make sure that the liquid is not too salty. Use it to cook rice, other types of grains, and make soup in your crockpot or slow cooker.

Want to cook our famous Rice with Djon Djon mushroom, don’t worry. If you are using Djon Djon Maggie Cubes, replace regular water with ham cooking water. If you are using dried Djon Djon mushroom, boil the mushroom in the cooking ham liquid or use half djon djon cooking liquid and half of the cooking ham liquid.

Rice with Djon
Rice with Djon

Can I use it for any other types of grains?

Yes, you can. You can use it to make cornmeal, bulgur wheat, rice with green peas, farro, etc.

Is cooking ham liquid a substitute for Chicken Stock or Chicken Broth?

Yes, it is! The reason is simple. It is seasoned and available for use, and you can save money.

Want to try t make slow cooker bean soup, don’t worry; add all your ingredients to the pan with other spices and herbs of your preference, and let the slow cooker do its thing.

What if the cooking liquid is too salty?

If the cooking liquid is too salty, add more freshwater.

Always remember to use all your ingredients while cooking. It saves time and money.


  1. How about if you cook the ham 6 months ago? Is that juice been in the refrigerator the whole time? Is it still good to use? Good to use

    1. Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question because the amount of time my ham cooking liquid has stayed in the freezer is about 2 – 3 months. I make soups, bean sauce, or bean puree very often; it goes very quickly. Sorry about that! I know it isn’t easy to throw food away. Maybe you can try boiling a small quantity first. Smell and taste it before deciding what to do with the remaining liquid. I wish I had more information. Thank you for your question.

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