What is bouillon? Seasoning, Broth or Soup?

What is bouillon? Seasoning, Broth or Soup?

Last updated on November 9th, 2021 at 06:23 pm

In the culinary world, several words have more than one definition. Many of these words are used interchangeably in different cultures. One word, Bouillon, is a product, a broth, a dish.

A flavoring

You might know Bouillon as Maggie cubes, Knorr cubes or seasoning powder, and even chicken bouillon powder or concentrate. All of which have one similar purpose, to make your food taste better.

Whatever the form of seasoning, they are all flavor enhancers. They are used in many cuisines by chefs, home cooks, and restaurants. They are found in supermarkets, usually in the spices aisle.

It is also a dish

In Haitian Caribbean culture, Bouillon is a soup. It is a seasoned broth filled with vegetables and meat or seafood, a one-pot meal. It is also a traditional Saturday meal.

Ironically, many cooks use bouillon seasoning to make Bouillon (Soup). It is used to season the broth that the vegetables, meat, or seasoned are cooked in.

Haitian Bouillon - Caribbean Green Living
Haitian Bouillon

How to use Bouillon as a flavor enhancer

There are several types of bouillon seasoning. You can find chicken, beef, and vegetable flavoring. There are also concentrated sauces if you don’t want to use the cubes or the powder.

The seasonings are used to season vegetables, marinate meat, and even seafood. They are also used to season soups, gravies, bean purees, and stews.

Unfortunately, these seasonings may contain a considerable amount of sodium, additives, color, and other chemicals we cannot even pronounce. If you have to use them, it is recommended that you read the labels, so you are aware of what you are putting in your body.

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