10 Basic Pasta Cooking Tips You Should Know

10 Basic Pasta Cooking Tips You Should Know

Pasta belongs to one of the most popular food groups, grains. Depending on taste preferences and time availability, there are a handful of ways to cook pasta. Here are 8 basic pasta cooking tips for this beloved staple.

There are many ways to cook pasta depending on taste preferences and time availability. As one of the most popular meals worldwide, it is undoubtedly one of the best comfort foods. However, there are many pasta cooking tips and advice that no one has told you about pasta.

If you’re looking for comfort food that’s quick and easy to make and that everyone in the family will love, pasta is just the ticket. If you’re a big pasta lover, you’re probably familiar with all the different varieties. Once you know how to make simple pasta dishes with noodles, such as spaghetti, linguini, fettuccine, penne, and rigatoni, you’ll likely want to experiment with lasagna and jumbo shells.

Here 8 Basic Pasta Cooking Tips You Should Know

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner cook or just starting to understand how to cook pasta; these pasta cooking tips are essential; you will be cooking your best pasta dishes in no time.

  1. Cook pasta in a large pot of boiling water. You can use a stockpot to add enough water. Use 12 to 16 cups of water for each pound of pasta. Add a little bit of oil to prevent the noodles from sticking. Don’t forget to season the water with salt. Some people will season the water with seasoning salt or a Maggi Bouillon cube. (a few Haitian people like that seasoning method). Make sure to stir the pasta occasionally while cooking.
  2. Taste the pasta! Cook the pasta “al dente” (an Italian term to describe the consistency of the pasta) – firm to the bite but still tender with no crunch. This is one of the most essential pasta cooking tips.
  3. Prepare the sauce while the pasta is cooking. Depending on the type and size of noodles, the pasta will usually take 8 – 12 minutes to cook. Time yourself so the pasta is not overcooked.
  4. Serving size for pasta dishes can be confusing. For recipes using 1/2 pound, this will serve 4 people. For 1 pound of pasta, these recipes will serve 8 people. If you add vegetables or meat, the serving size will increase.
  5. Can you cook pasta early in the day? Yes, you can. It is all about how you preserve it. The best way to preserve cooked pasta is to 1) rinse it right after cooking; 2) place the pasta into a large bowl and add chicken stock or sauce (tomato) or a little bit of the pasta water mixed with a little bit of oil – just enough to keep it moist. This will prevent the pasta noodles from sticking. 3) Keep it at room temperature until ready to complete your dish.
  6. Do certain pasta noodles require a thicker sauce? Yes, larger pasta noodles require a more robust sauce. The sauce needs to stick to the pasta. Thin pasta, like spaghetti, doesn’t necessarily need a robust sauce.
  7. Drain in a colander when the pasta is cooked and transfer to a serving dish, pot, or saucepan with other ingredients.
  8. Don’t leave the pasta in the colander while making the sauce or preparing the remaining ingredients for your pasta dish. The pasta noodle will stick together. Add a little sauce or chicken stock so the pasta does not stick.
  9. Try homemade pasta; you might be surprised at its flavor. Dried pasta is more accessible, costs less, and is easier to store.
  10. Reheating leftover pasta is not easy. Depending on the dish, it may be best to reheat the pasta on the stovetop, for example, Haitian Spaghetti or Linguine with Onion, Bacon, and Asparagus. For lasagna, sometimes reheating in the microwave can make it dry. Whenever you’re reheating pasta, add more sauce or hot water.
10 Basic Pasta Cooking Tips You Should Know
10 Basic Pasta Cooking Tips You Should Know – Photo credit: Canva

A good pasta dish isn’t just about the right pasta and sauce. There is much to learn when cooking pasta; regardless of the cooking method or recipe, it is a good idea to remember these pasta cooking tips. Pasta comes in a wide range of colors, flavors, shapes, and flavors; it is good to remember that the cooking method and time may differ.

Cooking pasta can be very easy if you know some of our basic tips. These simple pasta cooking tips can be used for cooking pasta and making other dishes. Once you have learned these easy tricks, you won’t have any problems preparing different types of food.

Be sure to keep pasta cooking instructions and a good pasta measurement tool handy. And do your best not to overcook it! Once you know how to cook that perfect bowl of pasta, you’ll be able to enjoy it time and time again.

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